Planned Giving Council


WE MAKE A LIFE BY WHAT WE GIVE  -Winston Churchill

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

Planned Giving Seminar

Viken Mikaelian,

You Don't Have to Learn Armenian to "Get" Planned Giving


MAY 20, 2016

Luncheon Program

What you need to know about Planned Giving when Planned Giving is not all that you do!


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AUGUST 10, 2016

Membership Mixer

Join us to learn about becoming a member of MSPGC and meet those who are already involved!

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The Mahoning/Shenango Planned Giving Council is a professional organization for individuals involved in gift planning. This organization brings people together to serve the charitable needs of donors and clients. We seek to educate the community about philanthropy and techniques that best suit their organization(s). 

About the Partnership

The Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (the Partnership) is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to help people and organizations create charitable giving experiences that are the most meaningful in achieving both charitable mission and the philanthropic, financial, family and personal goals of the donor.

The Partnership achieves its mission through research, education, advocacy, community dialogue and the setting of standards and best practices in philanthropic planning. The Partnership strives to engage all constituents in the charitable gift planning process: planned giving and major gifts professionals, nonprofit managers and trustees, financial and estate planners, trust managers and administrators.

It helps maximize the value of charitable giving for nonprofit organizations and donors by helping fundraising professionals provide the most meaningful charitable giving experience for donors; helping financial planning professionals provide their clients with excellent advice on charitable giving and estate planning; and helping nonprofit managers and trustees better accomplish the missions of their organizations through meaningful philanthropic planning.

The Partnership is supported by 128 local councils and over 10,000 individual and council members, as well as charities, associations and business organizations that support the mission of charitable giving made most meaningful.